“Since 2007, I have had pain in my neck, mid-back, lower back and had difficulty getting out of chairs. Instability in right hip, it was awful. After 6 visits, I’m pretty much pain-free. I have no difficulty getting out of chairs and no hip instability. I feel re-energized and I sleep better. I recommend Dr. Frost for chiro and physical medicine because he is helping me when nobody else could.”

“Dr. Frost, I went to a local park this past Sunday and went through a routine I have done for years in an effort to prepare for an upcoming baseball tournament. I use a heavy training baseball for throwing and sprint to retrieve it. I was able to run upwards to ten sprints roughly 40 yards in length and much to my surprise felt as if my legs were 23 again. I would say the effort was around 70% for the first time in a while. I did not feel any significant stiffness or soreness the next day or since then. Based on that experience, I would have to say the" regenerative tissue "shot has worked to this point. You may recall, prior to the shots I attempted to hike a fairly easy terrain, but had significant discomfort in the left knee.”

“Before I came to Dr. Frost I had such bad back pain, I sometimes couldn’t do anything but lie down. I came in and he wrote up a 12-week program for me and I got better progressively right up to the last visit. The pain has gone almost completely and I can’t remember what it’s like to come home from work and go straight to bed. I’m 3 months done with the program and 1 visit a month has kept the pain from resurfacing. This program was the easiest and most stress-free thing I tried and I tried almost everything. I would recommend Dr. Frost to anyone with any kind of chronic pain.”

“On December 18, 2017. I was rear-ended on I-17 going 65 mph. At the time I was shaky but went home. The next day I started having difficulty thinking. My anxiety was high. I contacted Dr. Frost -he recommended I go to the emergency room but make an appointment with him the next day. I found out I had a concussion. I started seeing Dr. Frost three times a week. For the first several weeks I was a complete mess. Dr. Frost patiently listened to my symptoms, talked me off the ledge several times, and treated me with adjustments.”  

“After 2.5 months I feel so much better! I cannot imagine how I could have gotten through this trauma without Dr. Frost.”

“I began having trouble walking and a lot of pain in my back and knees. My job requires climbing steps into my truck several times a day. This started becoming very difficult to do without holding onto something. By the end of the day, I could hardly walk at all.”

“I heard about Dr. Frost on the radio, so I decided to attend one of his seminars to learn about stem cells. I received my first stem cell injection in my right knee in May 2017 and my left knee in June. There was an improvement right away, as far as pain. It is now January 2018 and my knees are feeling great. I am looking forward to the year mark to have x-rays to see the improvements.”

“After many years of pain, I sought treatment for a bad shoulder. The stem cell treatment has helped a lot, at least an 80% improvement in less than a month!

“I plan on having my other shoulder treated with stem cells soon. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you Dr. Frost. Life is a lot brighter now.”

“X-rays showed a deteriorated knee, I had a great deal of pain, feet unstable going downstairs and upon arising. After stem cell injection, my knee feels normal, stable with no pain. Many thanks Dr. Frost, this treatment worked like magic.”

“At age 69, after one hip replacement which went well, I felt the other deteriorating quickly. Even though I had a good outcome, I hoped to avoid another operation. As it became more painful, I prayed for an answer. I saw an interview with Dr. Frost. He made sense and showed a knee x-ray that was remarkable. I made an appointment, got x-rays and was told that I was a good candidate for stem cell treatment. After my shot, I was pain-free in 24 hours, and within 48 hours, I felt much more confident walking. It felt solid, I was no longer worried about it going out from under me. I no longer worry about a replacement. It is only a month but I feel great. Many thanks to Dr. Jeff Frost.”

“Sciatica pain in my left leg was unrelenting and paralyzing, bringing every part of my active life to a halt. Was not interested in surgery or meds, but what would be right for me? That answer came from Dr. Frost and Dr. Miller, offering me a way to achieve rehabilitation + pain relief. My responsibility was to do prescribed exercise work at home and be very mindful of my diet and thoughts. Dr. Frost worked with me for many hours of treatment and guidance. Stem cell injection is now bringing regeneration to disc and joint. This plan has given me my life back, and I am VERY grateful to have met Dr. Frost.”

“Hi Doc:

Thank you for such an inspirational interview this morning.

You have a special gift in bringing complicated subjects to elementary levels for everyone to embrace and initiate greater levels of wellness. You have inspired thousands of listeners for initiating steps toward asymptomatic status followed by maximum wellness.

Keep up the great work.”

“Hey Dr. Frost,

The first of August, I started coming to AZ Regenerative Medicine to see Dr. Jeffrey Frost. After several weeks, I have not had to use my oxygen which I have been on since February, using it daily. I am blessed to have found Dr. Frost.”

“Hey Dr. Frost,

I just got back from a day out with my 10-year-old grandson. I WALKED from the parking lot to the movie theatre, from the movie theatre outside and back into the mall, from the mall back to my car ALL WITHOUT BACK PAIN!!! I just thought you would like to know!”

“I just got back from SHOPPING AT WALMART! I went in for one thing and did not take an electric cart. Of course, being a woman, I had to stop and look at purses, shoes, and clothes! When I checked out, I realized I had been in there for about half an hour! You know I couldn’t do that when I first came to you! Thank you so much for all of your work and your “patience with patients.”

“Dear Dr. Frost,

With 14 treatments, you have improved my general well-being. My feet have gone from pins and needles to more comfortable feelings. My back is more stable, I can stand for longer periods of time. I look forward to my remaining treatments.”

“Treating an asthma attack without steroids? I didn’t even know it was possible. I was having an asthma attack and scheduled for stem cell implantation that day. I called Dr. Frost, because I was afraid that the steroids urgent care would put me on would compromise the effectiveness of the stem cell treatment. Dr. Frost answered my call personally, helped calm me down and then said, “He had a technique that would open my lungs without the use steroids.”

He explained that certain nerves and vertebrae controlled different parts of the body. The nerves at the thoracic (T3) vertebrae can control the lungs. After using his technique to relieve the pressure off my lungs, I could immediately breathe. The next day, he used the same technique and I could breathe even better. Over the next few days, the lungs continued to open up on their own. I was completely amazed! With the wealth of knowledge, I am learning from Dr. Frost, I am an advocate of natural healing techniques and I don’t feel alone in this fight in winning back my health….”

“Six months after the stem cell injections I’m walking quite normal. The left knee is not hurting as it was before the shots. Still have a ways to go before I can jump fences again but at 67 I may not jump fences anymore. I might just use the gate.”


    Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.


    Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient.


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